Football is Love

February 14, 2019; by Stephane

 Since it is Valentines Day , I’ve decided it write something on it regarding this “holiday”. I know we all love football and especially the Fury. This relationship can be a love hate, platonic or blind admiration. Regardless we all came together for the team and the sport. There is some reason for these ideas.

  Why would anyone want to find a life partner at a football game or even in the supporters section?  Well the answers are quite simple really. Supporters show extreme loyalty to their club regardless of the results, league or attitudes towards the teams’ front office. They put time in behind the scenes, be it chants, tifos, banners flags or just basic group organization. Some of them are, musically inclined, or disinclined but give it their all regardless. Creativity can be seen in an individual with on the fly chants or designs in tiofs. When the section gets rowdy you can see their endurance. A section can show you some ideas of a person’s inner workings and goals. Now I’m not saying “Join the Bytown Boys, you may find your other half” but hey it’s a start. Now since I’ve gone on, lets look at some examples of Football is Love
In 2015 a couple from Singapore had a Liverpool themed wedding at their reception. They first met going to Liverpool viewing parties.  Hanging out through tears and cheers supporting a team they both loved, doing something they enjoyed can only lead to a strong friendship or love. AS the result came it was love. They eventually got married and even had a Liverpool themed reception. The link is here. Now this is a fault of mine, this is not the wedding I was looking for but the only one I could cite. The one I was thinking of was based in Liverpool where they met each other going to games as STH and just stuck together. The one I was looking for happened I believe in 2010/2011. Regardless they found love

Again in 2015, this time our capo Anton, while attending a CanWNT world cup game against Holland. Yes this is the same game where Anton forgot our tickets in Ottawa. We ran into a group of ladies there and we all hit it off. Unfortunately we lost touch as in we never got any real info about each other. Head over to 2016 and we ran into them at another CanWMT game against Costa Rica.  We all exchanged information. That relationship grew over our support for both Men’s and Women’s National Team, through the high and lows and lows of the National Squads. They are now happily married. Her name is Jenn and a few of you have met her and socialized with her.

Now this is my favourite one, sorry Anton, our very own Nicole and Graham. They met each other coming to Fury games and taking part in Bytown Boys Events together.  They even were part of the Sens SG, The REDS, for a while The two embraced the ideas of supporting their team going through the ups and downs. They eventually got married and the proposal was at a Fury pre-game as well. These two love birds are still going and have a little girl (I get to be the weird Uncle or does Nicole’s Brother get that hmm). I can attest that the young ladies is quite use to hearing the cheers and moans from football fans.  As their daughter gets older, I’m sure the parents will start bringing her to games .

I know there are other couples and families in the group that I have not mentioned but I honestly don’t know your full stories so please forgive. Regardless of where in the world you are, football brings outs passions and emotions that are not normally seen. But seeing people find their other half sharing in something they love is a great site. This world can be cruel but lets enjoy the love we have for the game and those that find love at the beautiful game

​Here is your song for the day - Football Savage Garden