April 18, 2014; by Stephane

As supporters we always despise the off season especially us lucky Canadians. We can`t help but feel jealous of our European or even MLS counterparts. We can always make the trip to these games but it isn’t the same. As supporters we start getting antsy to watching all the other teams. We also seem to sing chants under our breath, go through our iPod’s looking at songs that can be turned into chants or just hearing songs on the radio and start singing chants based upon these songs. These are the symptoms of being a supporter and unfortunately all we can do is treat the symptoms.

The upside of treating these symptoms is that work will be done to help the Supporters Group that you are part of. Below are some ways you can treat the symptoms One of the easiest things that supporters can do is chanting. So you have a huge array to work with here, create new chants, practise old ones or teach others. When it comes to create a chant there a few key ideas to keep in mind, it has to be easy to learn, easy to clap to and hopefully fun (CHECK OUT OUR Drunken Fury chant). The ones that you can sing nonstop to no end tend to be favourites. You could always ask to borrow your SG`s drum and practice drumming on your own. Some members tend to try and be good drummers but (BTW I am talking about myself). These are the simple things, my drumming may be bad but I do keep up the chants every day at work just to make sure I know the words for when it comes game day I am ready.

Banners and flags can be difficult but fun to make let’s start with the banner. A banner can be made out of anything, a bed sheet, a tablecloth or even going to a cloth shop (Fabric land or Bouclairs) and buying a strip. Our first banner was 5`x 15`and painted with house paint. Banners tend to be creative, simple and sometimes cheeky. You could help by designing a banner or help make one. Creating flags can be difficult but again fun. On how to create a flag you can look online but through experience tablecloths with light paint (house paint is a bit heavy for it). Looking at other SGS will always give you ideas on a flag design. So if you think this is for you feel free to be creative.

All these things mentioned above require some form of dedication, creativity and passion. Don`t ask me what is the ratio, it changes from person to person. When you find your ration use it to your heart’s content. In the end we all cheer for different clubs and let’s face it, we do get jealous of those other fans. We watch them get into the game chanting, singing etc… and here we are stuck at home supporting our foreign club and sitting down watching it. I am mean COME ON, we are SUPPORTERS, we don`t sit we STAND. Regardless though we all feel the itch of being a supporter and we feel jealous of others. The ideas suggested are just small things you can do to help pass the time as a Supporter. We have a strange disease, there is no cure, and all we can do is treating the symptoms and hold it off. Welcome to the world of Football Supporters, as line says `You can check out but you can never leave ‘and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.