Bytown Boys SC Player of the Year
The Terry Merrick Memorial Torphy

At the end of every calendar year, the Bytown Boys conduct an official vote to select the club's player of the year. The player, who features with a team which BBSC supported during their given year, exemplifies traits which supporters revere, such as hard work, determination, and loyalty to both the team and its support. 
We lost one of members in January of  and as a group we devided to nemae our award in his honour. Terry Merrick you are and will always be missed by those of us who knew you

The following players have been named as the BBSC Player of the Year:

2011 - Clint Irwin

2012 - Will Beauge

2013 - Jasmine Phillips (female) and Carl Haworth (male)

2014 - Kristy Moore (female) and Richie Ryan (male)
​2015 - Romuald Peiser

​2016 - Carl Haworth

​2017 - Callum Irving

A massive THANK YOU to the winners, and congratulations on reserving your spot in Bytown Boys lore.