As the Canadian Premier League first season looms near, I decided to have some fun. The idea is create the future round of expansion for the league. Of course I am assuming Ottawa Fury is a guarantee in the league, also I have no clue on how to rebrand the Ottawa Fury. Regardless of how I redesign the Ottawa Fury I will end up annoying people regardless of the OSEG fence they sit on. Please note that I’ve never been to any of these places except Belleville and Kingston. I do not work for any marketing group or team ownership group (current or future). I’ll be providing a logo, a basic scarf and a jersey. I will explain all the symbols I use. The cities I’ve chosen are Saint John’s NB, Quebec City QUE, Bellville ON, Kingston ON, Windsor ON, Saskatoon SK, Regina SK and the Territories. I have learnt a lot of things from this blog looking up cities and other things affiliated with the cities. So some of the names will be odd

Lets start off with the Territories team first. I figured with a Canadian League we should include the territories.  Now maybe the league could organize the schedule in favour of this team regarding the weather, help with flight cost from Edmonton to Yellowknife. Now assuming we are all being positive individuals lets continue. The team will be called Territories United FC and based out of Yellowknife. My thought process was cost and population. The name is simple and non-offensive. The club crest is a reference to the three flags of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. During my research I found that the medicine well or the scared hoop (the proper name) was an item covered by many Native American cultures and I used that for my jerseys and colours. The kit will have the scared hoop design on the back of the kit bellow the collar line. The home colours will be black and yellow while the away kits will be white and red. The club motto goes along the lines of “FEAR THE NORTH, warrior like, Game of Thrones reference and of course Toronto Raptors. If you are offended I apologize but as I said before I’m doing this for fun not profit and don’t mean any disrespect. Enjoy the Imagery.

Our next team will be Saskatoon. I’m not going to lie to you all, I did have problems going about this one and in the end I took a page out of the SGs book out there called the Bridge City Firm.  I am calling this squad Bridge City FC . The city of Saskatoon has eight bridges spanning the South Saskatchewan River and is known as “City of Bridges”. The logo reflects the colour of the city’s flag and the name itself. There is a berry in the logo which is named after a berry native to that region. The home colours reference the city’s flag and the away colours are reference to the SG’s colours. The motto will be “AGAINST THE GRAIN”, reference the regions agriculture but also doing things differently and their own way. Also Against the grain is an album and song title by one of my favourite bands.

Since we are in the province of Saskatchewan lets go to Regina, Regina was named for Queen Victoria in 1892 and is translate from Latin to Queen, Go Figure. Regina’s team will be called Regina Regiment FC. The name is a nod to Regina’s Riflemen, prior to joining Canada it was known as “The Regina Riflemen Regiment” then became “The Royal Regina Rifles”. The motto will be “THE SWIFT AND THE BOLD”, which of course is a reference to the original regiment The logo and home colours is a nod to their city flag and coat of arms while there away colours give a nod to the CFL team, “Rough Riders”.

Here we go off to Ontario which we will check out Windsor first. I decided to take a page out of OSEGs book. The team will be part of the Windsor Spitfires OHL organization. Bothe teams will be rebranded, there will be the Windsor Spitfires Hockey Club and the Windsor Spitfires Soccer Club. While I was researching this I looked into the 417 Squadron based out of Windsor during WWII and I saw that they either flew hurricanes or spitfires during combat missions and I won’t lie, I love the Spitfire over the Hurricane. The logo is a representation of the markings on a spitfire during the war. The home kit has some intricacies as you may notice. I tried to make the hem of the shirt look camouflage. The colours used are part of a camouflage paintjob on the spitfires.  The design on the arms of the home kit was a rank used during the war, Flying Officer.  The motto on the scarf would be “BOLDNESS ENDURES ANYTHING”. This is from an air force squadron that I read about and at the time I liked and respected it so I used it.

Next up on the trip on the 401 is Belleville. This was interesting one for me personally because it was my first one I ever really tried out. I first read about Belleville being a potential site when I read that someone wanted to start a League One Ontario team and I ran with it. The original name was the Belleville royals. The logo is a simple steam engine as many of the towns in the area were settle by people using the train line and well face it when trains came out; royals were the first to use it. The motto on the scarf would be “CLEAR THE TRACKS”. Now here is where I will get into hot water but please bear with me, Belleville was settled by Imperialist and there city coat of arms has a Mohawk on its crest. The home kit is purple and green. I picked purple due to purple being known as a Royal colour. On the back of the shirt below would be a sun from the Mohawk flag as a nod to that history and the natives in the area. The away kit will be yellow and red strip, again a nod to the Mohawk Tribes in the area. If you are offended I apologize but as I said before I’m doing this for fun not profit and don’t mean any disrespect.

Our last stop in Ontario is Kingston. I’ve decided to play on an established club in that area, The “Kingston Clippers”.  The logo is different as in the basic shape design of a diamond. The team will be called the “Kingston Marines FC”. The logo would have a frigate tall ship as its image. While the name is doesn’t scream navy please remember that during the colonial naval warfare days, soldiers on the ships were known as Marines and after the First World War, King George V granted the title Merchant Navy to Merchant Marines after the contribution made by these sailors.  This is also a nod to Kingston Military history. Scarf Motto will read “ALL HANDS ON DECK”

Off to Quebec we go, where our only stop is Quebec City. I figured they deserve a pro summer time franchise. Quebec City’s nickname is “La Vielle Capitale”, so that is our name “CF La Ville Capital”. The crest is a nod to Champlain’s ship Don de Dieu and the fact Quebec City is the only walled city in North America. It is also relevant to the city’s flag where it shows ramparts on the edge and the ship in the middle. The home colours will be blue and white stripes with gold trims and the away kit will be a nod to their QMJHL team “Quebec Ramparts”.  The motto would be “FAIS LE POUR LA VILLE” which means do it for the city.

And last but not least, is Saint John’s New Brunswick. This one intrigued me thanks to a friend of mine who gave me some info. So the crest gives a nod to the bilingualism of the city with a Fleur de Lis and an English rose, the galley ship on the NB flag and tress representing the lumber industry. The crest again gives a nod to the city’s own coat of arms. My friend gave me an idea for the kit colours of a maroon and green, with that I decided to have the away colours as a neon/ glow in the dark green with blue trim.  Based on their city’s motto I decided to play with and came out with “FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD”. Now while doing my research I found that the nickname for this city is “Port City” so I decided to have some fun with name and call it “Athletic Football Club Port City”. Also while doing my research I was intrigued why Brunswick because based on what I knew the only Brunswick I knew of was in Germany which I found odd. Doing some digging I found out that it was name after King George III who was descended from the House of Brunswick. The more you know I guess.

So to recap we have the “Territories United FC”, Bridge City FC, Regina Regiment FC, Windsor Spitfires SC, Belleville Royals FC, Kingston Marines FC, CF La Ville Capital and AFC Port City. Again I did this for fun; I am no professional and decided to try new things out. My aim was to be creative and not to offend; I would never ever use a person culture or heritage without some form approval for financial gain. I actually enjoyed my research and trying to make designs work. If you have your own suggestions please post below in the comment section of which ever social media platform you found this on. Thank you to all who gave me ideas and helped me out on this project.

Potential Candian Premier League Expansion Teams