Wheelbarrow Superstitions
December 6, 2015; By Stephane

Superstitions in sports have been around for God knows how long, either playoff beards, not cleaning clothes or equipment some are even downright idiotic. Even movies make references to these such as in “Space Jam” , “Slap Shot 2” and ‘Major League’. In “Space Jam” the reference is to Micheal always wearing his college shorts under his Bulls uniform. “Slap Shot 2” refers to the goalie who had to be kneed before every game. “Major League” refers to a player that prays to voodoo doll to help him hit curve balls. Most of these superstitions as stated before are idiotic but as a group that has an idiotic superstition, at least ours is functional

For all of me making fun of superstitions we have a WHEELBARROW.Except for a loss to Min U, we have never lost a game with the wheelbarrow in attendance. This has lead to a stupid saying of “wheelbarrow points”. We know that it's the team that wins games not a wheelbarrow . We believe it's the wheelbarrow not because of blind faith or superstition but a mantra a few of us have which is good stupid fun. Where the wheelbarrow started has two different beginnings and middles but same ending. The sad thing is the beginning and middle are the same thing depending on the story. The first story is speaking about how a few people would get so inebriated that we would need a wheelbarrow to carry them out of the stadium. The other version is that I asked for help carrying our big drum to the pitch and a fellow member volunteered his wheelbarrow.

Regardless how it happened none of us regret it. Lets all embrace our inner child, our inner Bytown Boy as it were and enjoy. I said it was functional compared to other superstitions. The wheelbarrow will carry supporters club gear but most importantly it will carry one of our members.. This lad rules the Bank St. sidewalk to and from games while in the wheelbarrow. When the Fury had a food drive we used the wheelbarrow to help carry food to the stadium using the mentality “fill the wheelbarrow”.

The wheelbarrow even has a chant that one of our members taught us. This member is from Nottingham but cheers for Notts County and they have a wheelbarrow song. This song is another whole discussion. I know I was trying to teach the origin of the wheelbarrow and encourage it to be embraced but honestly it's good stupid fun. If no one can embrace this then they have a horrible sense of humour or have lost the ability to have good stupid fun.

So in honour of the wheelbarrow let us sing *To the tune of ‘On top of old smokey’*
I had a wheel barrow The wheel fell off
I had a wheel barrow The wheel fell off
Fury clap x 3 Fury clap x 3