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Welcome to the Bytown Boys World Cup prediction pool. We will be raising funds for National Capital Sports Council for the Disabled

As with all our past prediction pools the rules are very simple.


  • $10 buy in, winner gets half the pot and the other goes to charity

  • EMT funds to

  • Group Stage –(The winner or draw)

  • Predicting correct teams to leave the group – 1 point

  • If you predict the team to leave the group in the correct position 1 point

    • If you predict ENG 1st and USA 2nd but they finish USA 1st and ENG 2nd you get 2 points, but if you predict USA 1st and ENG 2nd you will get 4 points

  • Knock Out Stages – you get 1 point for predicting the correct outcome

  • If you predict a correct match up in the correct round you will receive 1 point

    • If you say ENG vs SEN in the round of 16, you will receive 1 point extra

  • TIE BREAKER – If tied the final score of the final score will be used, still tied , the third place score. IF it is still tied, the pot will be split


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