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What started out as a small endeavour to provide a supporters club for a semi-pro soccer team has grown into something special. In 2011, the 'Capital City Supporters Group' was created, as a concept, to support the then-expansion Canadian Soccer League (CSL) franchise Capital City FC of Ottawa (CCFC). This concept, later renamed into the 'Bytown Boys Supporters Club' (BBSC), became a main-stay at the CSL club's home games, drawing rave reviews from across the league for the atmosphere it generated at CCFC games. In short, a small group of fans became organized and turned concept to reality, as the Bytown Boys Supporters Club was truly born.

By the end of 2011, after an overwhelmingly successful season which saw CCFC feature in the CSL finals, optimism was extremely high for both the club and its supporters. Capital City was looking at challenging for the CSL championship the following season, and the Bytown Boys were eager to feature at their side. Unfortunately, it may have been too good to be true...

In April 2012, Capital City FC shocked its supporters by announcing it will not participate in future CSL seasons. In a few short days, optimism turned to disarray for the supporters, as preperations for the 2012 CSL season grinded to a dissapointing halt. Fortunately, the end of the Capital City chapter of BBSC history allowed for the opening of a new chapter, one filled with as much hope and optimism which CCFC generated for the group.

As luck would have it, the region featured another advanced development team, called the Ottawa Fury. This club, which played in the fourth-division Premier Development League (PDL), was excited at the prospect of moving up to the second-division North American Soccer League (NASL) in what was, at the time, a few short years. Shortly after Capital City FC folded, both the Bytown Boys and the Ottawa Fury agreed that it was a natural fit for the supporters to feature at Fury PDL matches, thereby aiding the Fury as they prepare for NASL expansion.

As the 2012 PDL season unfolded, the Bytown Boys were unsure what to expect as they began attending Ottawa Fury home matches. What was quickly apparent, however, is that the Fury were a top-class organization with a strong commitment to winning and giving back to its community. It was only too easy for BBSC to become a mainstay at PDL matches, as the group carved its spot with the Ottawa Fury. By the 2013 PDL season, the Bytown Boys began featuring at the Ottawa Fury Women matches in the USL W-League. With this, the transition process was complete, with BBSC providing atmosphere at all Fury advanced-level matches.

As the Fury's 2014 NASL expansion draws closer, the Bytown Boys are proud to have been an integral part of the clubs resurgance. With excitement slowly building as the NASL opening day approaches, BBSC is proud to be a continually growing and diverse organization which will provide a unique atmosphere at Fury FC professional matches.

As our story continues, it will feature a growing number of individuals. Anyone is welcome to join us and help as we continue to write our tale. As we do this, be sure to inquire about our past and help spread the BBSC message.

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